Water for africa

Sabrina and Emanuel

Sabrina makes our African gymbags and headbands with passion. In addition to her work, she crochets her fingers sore and sews bags every free minute. This she doesn't only do  for M.O.M, but also for her husband Emanuel. He belongs to the Maasai tribe.

Emanuel is the oldest son in his family. For the Maasai, this means that he is responsible for the care of all family members.

His family lives in very poor conditions. The Maasai women have to walk more than 45 minutes every day to reach the waterhole to draw water for their families. Then they carry this heavy load back to the village. We would like to help Inyunywe village by helping them build a well. This costs about Fr. 4000.-. This would not only make the Masai's life easier, it would also prevent many diseases caused by contaminated water.

A well with clean water for his village has been Emanuel's greatest wish for a long time. With your support, his wish may soon come true.

Since Emanuel regularly flies back to his home country, we guarantee that every franc will flow directly into the project.

For every headband sold, we donate 10.- to the well in Inyunywe.

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